What is the student to teacher ratio and how many children are in each class?

It depends on which class you are enrolled in but in general, each classroom has two teachers. In our threes classes, we have up to 12 children (ratio of 1:6), in our fours classes, we have up to 12 children (ratio of 1:6), and in our Pre-K classes, we have up to 16 children (ratio of 1:8).

Does my child need to be potty trained?

Your child does not need to be potty trained to enroll at The Secret Garden Preschool. Our teachers are well-versed in helping with this area of development and will work with you to complete the process. We do ask that you keep your child’s cubby stocked with wipes and pull-ups.

What enrichment classes do you offer?

We are so proud to offer a program rich in both science and the arts. Because of our director’s strong science background, our curriculum, especially at the Pre-K level, includes many science-related activities. In addition, starting with the threes classes, we bring in dance and music specialists once a week. Beginning with the fours classes and continuing into Pre-K, we have dance, music and foreign language specialists each week.

Do you have a flex schedule where we can choose which days/hours our child attends?

Our days and times are set in order to provide a rich curriculum for all of our children. Each week’s plan is created with a balance of activities that is accomplished by having a predictable schedule for the teachers to follow. Check out our class schedules.

How much outdoor time do the kids have?

The teachers often use the outdoor areas to transition between activities so the kids are outside at least one time each day. On nicer days, the teachers incorporate more outdoor time either as free play or as part of the curriculum.

What is your philosophy on discipline and how do you handle difficult situations?

The disciplinary method that we employ at our school is based on the “Positive Discipline” books written by Jane Nelsen. Basically, it involves teaching children how to be respectful and responsible members of a community. Since so much of a preschool child’s development hinges on their social and emotional growth, one of most important jobs as a teacher at The Secret Garden is to model and teach behaviors that are kind and respectful to all. Our teachers use kind but clear examples of respectful and compassionate behaviors to help children learn these important social skills.  We also use lots of positive encouragement and praise as our students practice and ultimately acquire these important social skills. A key component of this philosophy is that all children feel that they are important and contributing members of our community which is accomplished by encouraging children to listen to and express their feelings with each other so that they can resolve conflicts in a compassionate way through dialogs and cooperation.

What is your overall philosophy on teaching?

Our teaching philosophy focuses on social and emotional development. You can read more about our philosophy here.

What kind of credentials or characteristics do you look for in your teachers?

In general, our teachers must have a BA, preferably in a child-related area. In addition, they must show an interest in early childhood development. Many of our teachers are graduate students studying child counseling or child psychology or students studying to be teachers.

What type of child thrives in your program?

Children this age are generally curious and excited to learn new things. We provide lots hands-on activities and child-directed play to meet those needs. Many different types of children thrive in our program and we encourage parents to ask questions and inform us about their child’s specific needs.


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